Comedia is a New Zealand Independent television production company specializing in Drama, Comedy and Entertainment programmes.

Based in Auckland, Comedia has been operating in New Zealand since 1985. The company is privately owned and managed by majority shareholder TONY HOLDEN .

Comedia’s productions include:


‘Billy’  (  two hour telefeature for TVNZ  on the life of Billy T James, New Zealand’s most famous Entertainer who died in 1991)


  • For the Love of Mike (13 X half hours)
  • Neighbourhood Watch (7 X half hours)
  • Market Forces (7 X half hours)


  • Funny Business (19 X half hours)
  • Billy T James Americas Cup


  • Camping out with the Topp Twins (1 X 90 mins)


  • Spin Doctors (28 X half hours)


  • 2002 & 2003 Best Comedy Programme Spin Doctors

Company Principal

Tony Holden

Tony has over 30 years experience in New Zealand television as a Producer and Director. He also has four years experience as Head of Commissioning for TVNZ.

Tony trained as a producer with TVNZ making such hit shows as ‘A Week of it’, ‘Gliding On’ and ‘Billy T James’. In 1985 Tony formed Comedia one of a handful of independent production companies operating at the start of independent commissioned television programmes. Comedia produced ‘Funny Business’, ‘Neighbourhood Watch’, and ‘Camping Out with the Topp Twins’.

In 1994 Tony joined South Pacific Pictures and produced dramas ‘Shortland Street’, ‘City Life’ and ‘Jacksons Wharf’.

In 2001 Comedia went into production with ‘Spin Doctors’ a satirical comedy drama which won two television awards and continued for four series. Tony produced, directed and was involved in writing the series.

In 2003 Tony spent four years at TVNZ as General Manager Commissioning & Production.

In 2007 Tony Executive Produced the award winning entertainment show ‘Dancing With the Stars’ for TVNZ.

He has also produced ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’,  ‘Smarter than a Ten Year Old’ and ‘Singing Bee’ for TVNZ.

Tony is in the final stages of post production of  ‘Billy’, a two hour telefeature for TVNZ  on the life of Billy T James, New Zealand’s most famous Entertainer who Tony worked with in the Eighties. The film stars Tainui Tukiwaho as Billy and Morgana O’Reilly a Lynn Matthews Billy’s pakeha wife.