Funny Business

1989-1990 (9 Half Hours)

Funny Business

Funny Business was a sketch comedy series featuring the talents of Willie de Witt, Dean Butler, Peter Murphy and Ian Harcourt.

Camping out with the Topp Twins

1992 (1 x two hour Special)

Topp Twins

A live to tape, entertainment special featuring the talents of Linda and Jools Topp and their key characters Camp Mother and Camp Leader.

Spin Doctors

2001-2003 (4 series x 7 episodes, 1 x one hour Election Special)

Spin Doctors

Spin Doctors was a topical, satirical, comedy drama set in a fictional public relations company that dealt with real people and issues of the day. The show was written, shot and transmitted in a 4 day period. Each half hour took place in one day and revolved around a group o 6 characters, following a comedy drama narrative structure with multiple storylines resolved within each episode.